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Press Release from Bayer's Garden Shop

June 6th 2022

Due to dramatic increases in operating costs, combined with staffing shortage, Bayer's Garden Shop will be closing down permanently on June 30th 2022.  Bayer's Garden Shop would like to thank you for over 81 years and 3 generations of choosing them for your gardening needs. So stop on by with those unused gift certificates, say goodbye, and own a piece of Bayer's Garden Shop history. 


Bayer's Garden Shop


Our Story

How it Began

Bayer's Garden Shop was opened by the Bayer family in 1941 and has been family owned since. As a staple of the community, we pride ourselves in offering the lowest prices and the best knowledge available. Offering a wide variety of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, tropical plants, bag goods, scoops, pots, chemicals, and seasonal household accents. Beyond the range of products, we offer landscaping tips if you provide images of the area, measurements, and a drawing on graph paper. We will help you achieve your desired function while making it look fantastic. Bayer's Garden Shop has provided trusted and friendly help to our customers in our local community for 80 years, and we look forward to helping you.